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With the transit of temperature sensitive goods ever increasing, chilled packaging is becoming a staple part of modern life, protecting and delivering the products we all want and need, from life-saving medicines to fresh food to luxury delicacies.
Here at Woolcool, we have devoted more than a decade of development and spent millions of pounds on research to create high quality, high performance chilled packaging that ensures your contents arrive in optimum condition, whether they are delivered as part of a refrigerated supply chain or rely on the passive benefits of our wool insulation. Those benefits have been developed in the biggest laboratory of all – nature – over millions of years of evolution.
To put it simply, the 100% pure sheep wool we use outperforms manmade insulators such as polystyrene, and we have the years of data produced with experts at top universities such as Cambridge to prove it. And that’s before you take into account the impeccable green credentials of wool in comparison to the manmade insulators that go into landfill sites across the globe. Wool is biodegradable, recyclable, compostable, reusable, breaks down in seawater and is abundant too.
Putting all of these environmental benefits and R&D aside, we wanted to explore the many other positives that we have seen across our customer base, that reflect the true value of choosing chilled packaging ​with high quality and service standards.

There are many packaging solutions on the market, using different combinations of materials and at different cost points. All have their pros and cons, and we even recognise that Woolcool may not be the choice for everyone, although we obviously believe it should be!

Packaging is always viewed as a necessary evil when it comes to cost, although it is essential in many ways, and it can be catastrophic for a business delivering online perishable or sensitive goods if it goes wrong. The right type of packaging and partnership can actually bring value to both parties, through reductions in materials, customer retention and marketing opportunities to mention just a few of the benefits. We have witnessed these exact benefits first hand and have plenty of case studies to back up the claim.

Whilst our multi-award winning products may not always be the cheapest option based on unit price alone – although often this is not a like-for-like comparison – we believe our approach to working with customers, clients and partners ultimately delivers real value in a number of ways, making us the most cost-effective and value-added solution on the market.

First of all, there is the service we provide. We consistently provide a fantastic, secure service, continuity of supply and a trusted product, time and again. We will not get drawn into a race to the bottom which ultimately ends up with companies pressured to sacrifice on quality, performance, service levels, supply chain and/or environmental and social values.

We have taken time to build a team ethos, company values, packaging solutions and developed a design and material engineering expertise which means that by using Woolcool, no such sacrifice is needed. We are committed to creating efficient solutions and service for a fair price, meaning our supply chain, team members, communities and customers all experience the value of using Woolcool products. Not only do we strive to make our customers very happy, we want them to experience to be the best levels of service. We set ourselves a very high bar indeed, and drive to improve the offering further. We are committed to working with each client on an individual basis, getting to understand their unique challenges and needs, then using our expertise and extended knowledge base to advise on the best chilled packaging solution to match. That means that whilst we have a broad range of products available, clients do not have to take an off-the-shelf option, but can work with us to create something which is bespoke and tailored to their product.

Then there is the assurance and peace of mind that you get from choosing a quality and service focused chilled packaging solution. After so many years of testing and developing the components that go into Woolcool chilled packaging, we have a range of solutions that are both robust enough on the outside to endure delivery while also being designed to protect what is inside, whether it’s a delicate ampule of medicine or a prime cut of meat. All this, with the optimal amount of material, ensures a commitment to no packaging overkill.

Companies that choose to opt for cheaper solutions will quickly forget the initial savings they made when the low-cost packaging fails or breaks, or a delivery is missed, resulting in their products being delivered corrupted, compromised or unusable, or even not being able to send anything out at all. We believe that quality focused chilled packaging is an essential for companies who value the end user experience of their customers too. A great experience for the end user is proven to drive consumer retention rates for our customers, with many experiencing repeat custom again and again.

Then there is the flexibility of the Woolcool approach. That flexibility is two-fold: in our products and in our attitude to working in partnership with customers.

In our products, we offer a brilliant level of flexibility, that allows us to combine and design bespoke chilled packaging, from the simplest wool insulated envelope to multi-layered high-tech solutions for the medical sector. We work off the basis of finding the optimal solution relevant to each unique company.

By working in partnership with our customers, we go the extra mile to provide what they want when they want. So, while cheaper packaging solutions may require a long lead time in manufacture or travel from abroad, we will move quickly to fulfil orders and flex to suit demands. We even offer a stocking facility too! It’s all part of the service you get from choosing Woolcool chilled packaging.

It also means that we can provide bespoke designs, including your own branding and sizing, which means it can be easily slotted into your processes.

All of this quality has another value – by adding to your own customer’s user experience, reflecting the care you take to deliver their orders and ultimately adding to your own company profile.

And that’s without taking into consideration the environmental credentials that will add another facet to your own marketing. By delivering your products in Woolcool chilled packaging, you are not only protecting the contents, you are also protecting the planet.

These credentials, and our commitment to consider the social impact of our work alongside profitability, has made Woolcool the first UK packaging company of its type to win B Corp status – joining a worldwide community dedicated to more responsible business practices. We know we aren’t perfect yet though, but we are committed to continual improvement and striving to always be better.

At the heart of Woolcool’s work are the remarkable properties of 100% wool – and our work in harnessing its benefits as a natural smart fibre have made us the market leader in chilled packaging and the pioneers in sustainable solutions in the sector.

However, we believe that the many extra benefits of working with us, to deliver your cherished products in optimum condition bring real, tangible added value to you, your company’s profile and the end-user experience of your customers. All these benefits have a value which far outstrip any cost, which is why so many companies have choosen Woolcool, and have partnered with us for years. We are proud to work with and support so many fantastic and passionate businesses, we believe that this collaboration is what business should be about.

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