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Woolcool operates on proudly progressive values, from our founding belief in the superiority of natural materials to our commitment to develop our team members, support our partners and enhance the community in which we are based.
But as a market-leading brand with a global reach, we are also keen to embrace international ambitions that match our own ideals. We know that we are not perfect and are always striving to find better ways of working. This is just the start of our journey.
That’s why we were delighted to be the first UK packaging manufacturer of its kind to earn B Corp status , joining a growing group of companies across the world who are reinventing business, by pursuing purpose as well as profit.
Woolcool has been certified by B Lab after meeting rigorous social and environmental standards which represent its commitment to goals beyond profit. Another global initiative which we are working towards is the United Nations’ 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, which we believe goes hand and hand with the B-Corp ethos.

Adopted by the member states in 2015, it provides a shared blueprint for peace and prosperity for people and the planet, for now and the future.

Key to the success of the agenda are 17 Sustainable Development Goals – of SDGs – which set out how everyone can help make the world a better place, from defeating poverty to driving innovation.

We believe business has an important part to play in this and, while not all of the 17 SDGs can directly apply to us, they provide a useful measurement of how we can play a part, however small. We are still in the early days of using these goals as a purposeful directive of our business practices, however upon our initial review of where we are so far, we have found that a few of our practices fall within a selection of these goals, we still have a long way to go though.

The first SDG is a commitment to End Poverty. At Woolcool, we encourage our team to engage with the community and support local charities – and we have partnered with local youth provisions to help Reduce Inequality, which is another of the UN’s goals. We are also reviewing ways in which we can use our platform as a business to help support our local community and have a greater impact for the future.

Good Health and Wellbeing is another goal. At Woolcool the happiness of our staff is paramount, and we have shaped our working practices fittingly, from holding a wellbeing week to going above and beyond during the COVID pandemic to ensure the safety of our team.

Some of the UN’s Goals work in tandem, such as providing Quality Education and Decent Work and Economic Growth. At Woolcool, we ensure that our team have access to education and skills training, often leading to qualifications, while we also invest in our stakeholders in a way that helps the business to grow.

As a female-led business, we already see the benefits of the UN’s Gender Equality Goal, and we are committed to finding ways of improving our energy usage to follow the ambitions of the Clean Energy Goal.

A key UN Goal is Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure. After more than a decade of award-winning research and development into the benefits of sustainable, natural materials in temperature-controlled packaging, we are fully committed to this.
Traditionally businesses great and small would function as part of community and we have lost that in many ways. We believe that a sees businesses try to be part of, if not at the heart of the communities in which they are based – in tune with the UN’s Sustainable Communities Goal. Our pioneering Circular Economy scheme, which allows customers to return their packaging to us for re-use, is a great example of the UN’s Responsible Consumption and Production Goal in action.

As for the all-important Climate Action Goal, Woolcool is currently working to improve its green credentials further by undergoing a detailed, root and branch review of our carbon footprint, along with other areas of our business impact.

Finally, the UN’s Goals include building partnerships. We consider our team members, colleagues, customers, suppliers and partners to be part of the wider ‘Woolcool Family’, while our status as a B Corp illustrates our commitment to nurturing global partnerships.

By 2030, the United Nations’ Agenda for Sustainable Development aims to provide a pathway to peace and prosperity through 17 simple Goals. As a company with a progressive ethos, we have tried to apply those ambitions to what we do. This is just the beginning of our journey, we know we can always improve. We need more focus on each of the goals and what we can do to contribute further – but by sharing what we have done so far, we hope to be an example of how businesses of all sizes can play an important part in this global ambition.

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