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Courier boxes can be used within the pharmaceutical industry to transport a wide range of temperature controlled pharma products. We offer six different sizes of temperature controlled box, in two options – a standard 0203 style box and a premium design. This variety in our temperature controlled box range means there is an option for many kinds of pharma applications.


Woolcool® Pharma Courier Boxes

Courier Boxes

Woolcool®’s cardboard outer box is ideal for transporting a wide range of temperature controlled Pharma products and is available in six stock sizes. Offering a truly sustainable solution, our Courier Boxes are reusable and recyclable.


The boxes come in two styles:
the standard box – an 0203 style box – requires tape for assembly.
Woolcool®’s premium box – a die cut design – requires no tape to assemble.

We can tailor our Courier Boxes to meet the requirements of your business, from offering different size options to creating bespoke designs.

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Woolcool® specialises in providing temperature controlled packaging solutions for shipping pharma products

Woolcool® 100% Pure Wool

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Woolcool® is a smaller package to transport
Woolcool® give a greater load space
Woolcool® reduces the amount of ice packs required
Woolcool® reduces the overall weight of packaging