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Insulated Pouches are used within the pharmaceutical industry to transport smaller quantities of products which have mixed temperature demands. Available in three stock sizes, Insulated Pouches offer a convenient design that is ideal for direct-to-patient delivery. Insulated Pouches provide up to 72 hours of performance.


Woolcool Pharma Insulated Pouches

Insulated Pouches

Woolcool’s Thermally Insulated Pouches provide a superior way of delivering smaller amounts of Pharma products. Built as a Pouch with a Gusset and featuring a Sealable Lip, Insulated Pouches come in three stock sizes. We can also create bespoke designs to suit your business needs.


Woolcool’s Thermally Insulated Pouches are ideal for the delivery of smaller quantities. Well suited to products which have mixed temperature demands, their convenient design is also ideal for direct-to-patient delivery, for products such as Insulin.

Thanks to Woolcool’s pioneering high-performance insulation – provided by the 100% natural wool fibres inside – our Insulated Pouches provide up to 72 hours of performance.

Woolcool can tailor Insulated Pouches to meet the requirements of your business, from providing bespoke designs to alternative size options.

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Woolcool is a smaller package to transport
Woolcool give a greater load space
Woolcool reduces the amount of ice packs required
Woolcool reduces the overall weight of packaging